Puppy Kisses vs Vex match preview!

Puppy Kisses has proven now that they’ve crashed the shazmarket that they can at least bring an entertaining game to almost any team out there. The game verse WLW was clearly not just a fluke, but rather a team that came prepared to a map and played a solid straight up game. They D stacked at the appropriate times, mixed up their offensive plan regularly by switching between one capper and two cappers, and crashed at the correct times. Its clear that PK knows how to play the game.

But will Puppy Kisses know how to play Vex’s game? This isn’t any O stack that they’ll be facing, this is the Vex stack. At first I thought with Implosions gone their D may be in trouble, but its clear they still have solid options for LD with HotRod and TomAsar. And with either the Crunchlord himself or the infamous SubwayRanger, their D is looking to be as fine as ever in the snipe department.

The odds are definitely against PK tonight, and that includes the maps. 5 O is a very friendly strategy on Dangerous Crossing due to the ease of how easy it is to cluster, which is one of Vex’s strongest points. PK also has to win on Arx Novena, as its definitely one that caters to PK’s strong points, which is a map that favors a solid sniper, and a strong base to defend.  Katabatic, the tiebreaker map, also seems to be one of Vex’s best maps. Tastyham seems to know an infinite amount of routes, and their offensive clear is always spot on. One of the few edges that PK has though is Alcohlol, but that could very easily be offset by Hydroxide, who is one of the better infiltrators in the game. But Alcohlol has been proven to be one of the most annoying snipers to try and kill as he is always so damn mobile.

Puppy Kisses has yet to disappoint as they are currently undefeated in the tournament, but I definitely have to give the advantage here to Vex.  Upsets are happening in the tournament, and I wouldn’t put it past PK to be able to take Arx off of Vex if they are all on point.

You won’t want to miss this game as every Vex game is always full of action and Dodgepong is running the production with multiple cameramen and casters.

The match starts at 10:00 est and will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/tribesascend  .

- Written by Symtex

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