November 16-18 – Over the Weekend Events

November 16:

Friday night, Egocentric will be hosting Newblood Pickups! These pickups will be a good opportunity for players who are either new to the game and need a stepping stone into the competitive community or for those of you that are too scared to join the everyday pickups. Come bring your friends and play some pickups – it’ll be a great experience for everyone. Game begin at 9pm est. Find out more about pickup games here:

November 17:

Saturday night we continue the newblood pickups which will be hosted by! Same concept as Friday nights pickups. So if you can’t make Friday night, here’s your second chance. If you enjoyed Friday night, then here’s another chance to play some more! The more the merrier. Games will continue at 9pm est.

November 18:

Sunday night will be the weekly recap show named “Tribes Center” which will be again hosted by AnarchyAo. Come watch as we go over this past weeks games and predict on the games ahead of us. Next week will surely be a good round of games. This will all begin at 10pm est on

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