NATribes Rule Tests Week 2

As we move into week 2 of our testing and get closer to the NATL qualifier it seems as if it may be beneficial for the teams competing to have an idea of the rule-set we will be using.  Our main objective this week will be too find a suitable balance between sniper and infiltrator as well as creating more strategic options for teams.  Following with our previously stated plan this will be done by lessening and modifying restrictions on defense to provide suitable counters along with more varied strategic options.

In working towards that we will be allowing the use of energy rifles but banning rage on sentinels.  Further at the suggestion of some players we will be removing the requirement of generator power for deployables allowing sentinels to maintain a drop jammer throughout the game.  This requires two further rules: a ban on doombringer force-fields and a ban on the sentinel skin.  Regarding the doombringer force-fields this is a tool that is only used in the early game by most teams so it’s impact should be minimal.  The sentinel skin will be banned because of its appearance when combined with the drop jammer although this may or may not have any effect on high level players the result, at least from a spectators point of view, is a player that is almost invisible.

Second in hopes of increased strategic options for teams we will be removing the limit on infiltrators and will be putting the onus on the teams to demonstrate that multiple infiltrators are overpowered.  If teams can show multiple infiltrators to be overpowered the limit will be reinstated. Further to give teams more defensive options we will be changing the ban on proximity grenades to only ban them in combination with egocentric, this should allow teams the option of running a soldier on stand while still preventing their use clearing the stand as a soldier capper.  Although this change is not desirable it will at-least be easy to enforce.

This ruleset hopefully will be our final test version although that will be decided once the week of testing is complete.  The complete changes from TWL are summarized below:

Ruleset 2:

  • All mines banned
  • No forcefields
  • No tech turrets
  • No base upgrades
  • Allow Plasma
  • No limit on infiltrators
  • No Rage on sentinels
  • No Proximity Grenades with Egocentric
  • Powered deployables disabled

Please keep in mind we are not looking for feedback from the community although you are free to discuss this post in the associated r/tribes thread.

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  1. for some reason says:

    Sigh… These rules suck.

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