Rules and Format for Weekend Cup #2 – 2v2 Honorfusor Arena

2v2 Honorfusor Arena


1. Map Pool:

  • Fraytown
  • Whiteout
  • Undercroft
  • Walled In
  • Lava Arena

In the Group Stage, the maps will be pre-determined for each round. During the playoffs and Grand Finals, maps will be chosen through a ban process. The team with the lower seed bans the first map. The team with the higher seed will then ban 2 maps. Then the team with the lower seed bans their second map. The map remaining will be the map for the matchup.

2. Group Stage:
Teams will be divided into groups. The number of groups will be determined after signups are closed. The top 12 teams will advance to the playoffs – Top 8 will go into the winners bracket and the bottom 4 will go to the losers bracket.

    North America:
      This will start Saturday, April 6 @ 7:00pm est and end Sunday, April 7 @ ~11:00pm est.

      This will start Sunday, April 7 @ 19:00 CET and end Sunday, April 7 @ ~24:00 CET.

3a. Playoffs:
The playoffs will take place and start on:

    North America:
      This will start Saturday, April 13 @ 7:45pm est and end Sunday, April 14 @ ~10:00pm est.

      This will start Saturday, April 13 @ 19:00 CET and end Sunday, April 14 @ ~23:00 CET.

3b. Playoff Detailed Schedule
Use the following link as reference:

    Saturday, April 13

      BH + BI: Saturday, April 13 @ 10:00pm est
      AC + AD: Saturday, April 13 @ 9:15pm est
      BF + BG: Saturday, April 13 @ 9:15pm est
      BB, BC,BD, BE: Saturday, April 13 @ 8:30pm est
      Y, Z, AA, BB: Saturday, April 13 @ 7:45 est

    Sunday, April 14

      Loser Bracket Semi-Final: Sunday, April 14 @ 7:45pm est
      Loser Bracket Final: Sunday, April 14 @ 9:15pm est
      Winner Bracket Final: Sunday, April 14 @ 8:30 pm est
      Grand Final: Sunday, April 14 @ 10:00pm est

4. Scheduling:
For the purposes of showing up on time, please act as though matches begin 15 minute prior to their scheduled time. The game will begin at the scheduled start time whether or not the teams have all their players in the server. If a team does not have all their players in the server at the scheduled start time they will be given the option to forfeit or begin playing short. If both teams are short players they will each be asked privately if they wish to forfeit or play the map and we will proceed based on their answers. This means it is possible for both teams to forfeit a map. These rules will not be flexible.

5. Scoring:
Both the group stage and playoff games will be played in a best of 3 rounds on 1 map. The Grand Finals will be played in a best of 5 rounds on 1 map.

6. Subs:
Players may be subbed mid-map in the event of technical issues (ping, hardware failure, crashes) only. Players subbing in and out in order to gain an advantage will be considered a rule violation and be dealt with accordingly. Subs should wait to join the server until the player they are requesting has disconnected.

7. Tie Breakers:
In the event of a tie in an elimination stage the teams will play a sudden death tie-breaker map decided by teams alternating banning maps from the total pool. The first ban will be randomized by an admin. From there, the teams will each ban 2 maps from the map pool. The team who lost the first map will be the first to ban a map. The remaining map will be the tie breaker map.


1. Region
The tournament will be held in both the North American regions (US Central) and Europe (EU Amsterdam)

2. Time
The plan is to have this tournament start on Saturday, April 6 @ 7:00pm est and lasting either until Sunday, April 14 @ 10:00pm est. Details above.

3. Structure
It will start off with a group stage. Playoffs will be in a double elimination format. See above for details.

4. Teams
Team Size: 2
Minimum Players: 1

5. Credits and Item Costs
Credits will not be needed in this tournament since all call-ins will be disabled.

6. Limits on Items and Classes
There will be no limits on items or classes throughout this tournament.

7. Banned Items, Classes and Perks

  • Teams may not use Tactical Strikes.
  • Teams may not use Orbital Strikes.
  • Teams may not use Call-In Inventory Stations.
  • Teams may not use vehicles.
  • Teams may not use Doombringers.
  • Teams may not use Technicians.
  • Teams may not use Sentinels.
  • Teams may not use Infiltrators.
  • Teams may not use any type of hand grenade.
  • Teams may not use any deployables.

When new items are added to the game there is an automatic 2 week ban. After this time the admins will decide whether or not these items can be used in the ladder. This will be posted to the front page and be updated in the rules. Until such a post appears, the items remain banned.

8. Weapon Whitelist
**Any weapon not listed here may not be used.**

    • All primary weapons.
    • Shocklance

    • Spinfusor
    • Twinfusor
    • Thumper D
    • Thumper DX
    • Spare Spinfusor
    • Shocklance

    • Arx Buster
    • Grenade Launcher
    • Dust Devil
    • Shocklance

    • All primary weapons.
    • Spinfusor MKD
    • Spinfusor MK-X
    • Heavy Twinfusor
    • Shocklance

    • All primary weapons.
    • Shocklance

9. Banned Tactics
As long as each team follows the rules and restrictions, all tactics in game will be allowed.

10. Victory conditions

    • The round limit for each map will be 3.
    • The kills per round will be 16 (20 total.)
    • The time limit for each round will be 10 minutes.
    • The overtime limit for each round is 5m.

11. Server settings

    Server Settings
      Region: (EU) Amsterdam
      Region: (US) Central
      Public Password: Must be set
      Game Types and Maps
      Game Type: Arena

    Time Settings
      Gametime Limit: 10m
      Overtime Limit: 5m
      Respawn Time: 5s

    Score Settings
      Score to win: 16
      Rounds to win: 3

    Player Settings
      Classes Allowed
      Sentinel: 0
      Infiltrator: 0
      Technician: 0
      Doombringer: 0
      Spawn Types: Normal
      Minimum Level: Off
      Maximum Level: Off

    Team Settings
      Max Players: 10+
      Team Join Type: Unbalanced
      Autobalance In Game: Off
      Base Destruction Req: Off
      Pool Team Credits: On

    Call-In Settings
      Powered Call-ins: Off
      Tactics Strike: Disabled
      Supply Drop: Disabled
      Orbital Strike: Disabled

    Friendly Fire Settings
      Enabled: On
      Multiplier: 1.0x
      FF on Deployables: On
      FF on Base Assets: On
      Kill Limit (autokick): Off
      Damage limit (autokick): Off

**Any settings not mentioned here may set to any value, at the discretion of the teams.**

**Admins may add, modify or remove rules and their associated penalties at any time without notice.**

**Admins may punish teams and/or players for any behaviour that has a detrimental impact on the broadcast.**

**Admins may request that players who lagg/warp excessively be replaced. In the case where a player repeatedly lags/warps to his team’s advantage the team will be punished at the admin’s discretion.**

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  1. Kira98 says:

    so wait, can I use a spinfusor disc as a juggernaught?

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