Envy(NV) vs Puppy Kisses(PK) Match Preview!

Puppy Kisses (PK) vs Envy (NV) Match preview

If you asked any team a month ago who would win a best of three between Envy and Puppy Kisses, everyone would’ve told you Envy. PK has been extremely active of late, beating WLW, Vex, and iNap of late in either scrims or natl matches. The maps will be Drydock, Katabatic, and Arx Novena for the tiebreaker.

Drydock will be the closest game of the set for sure. I really like PK’s defense with either CheezeCaek or Alcohlol on snipe, Isoitiro on LD, and Swissmilk on stand but I however really like NV’s offense. There are two basic principles to offense in this game. And that is timing and execution. NV has proven to have both of these down extremely well. As well as having some of the strongest clusters in the game, which has been proven to be an extremely effective technique on Drydock.

But on the other side of the field we see Puppy Kisses fielding quite a variety of players, with the very experienced cappers in Tunker and Evoplatypus, Wolfy, Gelbetron ,Piximan, and HeeroMaki on offense. This leaves PK with a wide variety of choices on offense, between double cap, 3 offense, and even d stacking. PK is very good at clearing the stand, but they occasionally lack the ability to pressure snipers at key times. So if Ekrje is on point tonight with his snipes, its going to be a very hard game for PK on drydock, as that map is very sniper friendly.

Drydock Prediction: 5:3 in favor of Envy

Unlike Drydock, Katabatic is not a very cluster friendly map, and benefits from mixing the amount of cappers you have. On paper you’d have to say that means PK must be favored on Katabatic. Clusters are hard as hell on Kata, and PK does mix up between single and double cap, but Envy never does. Envy is very stubborn when it comes to their strategy. They always play three offense, one capper, and three defense. The only way I see Envy beating PK on Katabatic is if Envy can consistently roll over the PK defense, as I foresee PK getting out with the flag very often, especially if they vary their strategy mid match.

Katabatic Prediction: 6-3 in favor of Puppy Kisses

Arx Novena is going to be a weird map and is very hard to predict. The bases are pretty easy to defend and the cappers are extremely easy to spot. No surprises or gimmicks will work against Envy. This game will be won on either side from the duels. Both teams are good enough to stop cowboy cappers and every cap will be spotted. This map will truly be indicative of which team has the stronger duelers. It is also important to note that Zooot has been practicing an insane amount with the shrike and its really starting to show. But no strong shrike players seem to be coming out from the PK side.

Arx Novena Prediction: My head tells me 5-3 in favor of Envy
  But my heart tells me 4-3 in favor of Puppy Kisses

The games will be streamed at www.twitch.tv/hele_tcm at 10:00 EST. http://natribes.com/view-match/?match=7423 For more match information

- Written by Symtex

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